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  Frequently Asked Questions  
What is BrewaTalk?
BrewaTalk is a fresh new way of communicating with friends and family when email and status updates are not enough. You can share views, discuss issues, exchange comments or simply engage in friendly chat with others, all at once. Simply put, it’s your place for rich online discussions.

The talks you start are shared with all your followers. They can then participate by replying to the talk. The replies again are visible to all your followers. The thread builds on from there, with everybody pitching in to a rich mix of ideas.

If, somebody feels he/she doesn’t want to participate in a talk, they can remove the post from their page. The talk, however, still continues with everybody else. The post continues until people are participating.

It’s as easy as sitting across a table with all your friends at the same time.
Why would I use BrewaTalk and not my social network?
Of course, there are other ways of communicating with friends and family. Say, you wanted to discuss the latest movie release. You may post messages on your friend’s social network profile, have an online chat, share emails or even prefer to call; but then, all these are constrained by the number of people you can involve. If you wish to recreate the discussion with your group of friends, though possible, is a tedious job.

BrewaTalk provides a platform for having such discussions in a most convenient manner.

All your and your friend’s discussions are available on the same page. From there, you can follow the talks, give comments and start new talks easily.
How do I use the service?
You start a new talk by posting it from your home page. The same is shared with all your followers, who can then post comments from their page. Again, the comments are visible to you and all your followers. Accordingly, the talk is visible identically to all participants.

Similarly, you can participate in a talk started by someone you are following by posting comments to it. If required, you can also choose to opt out of a discussion.
Who all can participate in my discussion?
All your followers can participate in a discussion started by you. Similarly, you can participate in Talks started by people you follow.
Where else should I go; what all is displayed on my homepage?
BrewaTalk seeks to provide the most convenient way to have online discussions. Your homepage is where you can engage in all the activity. All discussions started by you or any of your friends are available here. If somebody replies to an ongoing discussion the same are updated here.

You can follow all the talks, reply to existing ones or start new, all from your homepage. You can visit your friend’s page to follow the discussions they are participating in.
In what order are the talks displayed?
The talks are displayed in the order they were started. So the talk started yesterday would be displayed below the one started today.

The replies however are in the order received, so that the whole talk makes sense.
Are all talks public?
By default all talks are public, i.e. anybody can visit your page and see the talks you are participating in. If however, you wish to make them private so that only your friends can see them, you can do so by making changes from the 'Settings' page.
I don’t wanna participate in a discussion; how do I get out?
For each discussion, there is an ’Opt-out’ link which lets you remove a talk from your page. Say, there’s a talk where you do not want to participate, you can choose to opt out of same. The talk however, continues with everyone else. You can follow it then on somebody else’s page, who has been participating in it.
How do I Follow people?
When you visit somebody’s page, there would be a 'Follw ’ link on the top. On click, you would start following that person. If this person has requested for alerts before allowing others to join their Talks, you would start following as soon as he/ she approves your request.
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