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  Privacy Policy  

Last Updated: Aug 1st , 2009.

BrewaTalk is operated by Dayal Softwares Pvt.Ltd; all references to ‘Brew-a-Talk’, ‘BrewaTalk’, ‘website’, ‘us’, or ‘we’ refers to www.brewatalk.com and includes Dayal Softwares Pvt.Ltd.
At BrewaTalk we respect the privacy of our users and ensure that they have a rich experience. To use certain features of the website, you would have to register and create an account. By creating the account you agree to the Privacy Policy (www.brewatalk.com/privacy_policy.php) and Terms of Use (www.brewatalk.com/terms.php) of BrewaTalk.

Information Collected:
At BrewaTalk we may collect information from the user for identification purposes and to provide him/ her with better services.
At the time of registration, users would be asked to provide some basic information, such as full name, email, age, location, as well information for login purposes like username and password. Once registered, users may provide additional optional information from their profile, like a photograph or brief bio. This information is optional in nature and is used for the user to better identify with his/ her friends. Such information would be visible to other users.
Besides the above information, some other data may be collected when user logs-in to his/ her account like the IP address of the user, web browser used, amongst others.
Users may invite their friends from within their account at BrewaTalk. An email would be sent to the concerned person for this purpose. Their email address may be stored for a limited period of time, for sending reminders later.

Information Use:
Users may be sent notification emails from BrewaTalk regarding friend invitation, friend invitation acceptance, new talk by a friend, new replies on an existing talk, amongst others. Users may decide to turn some such notifications off selectively by logging into his/ her account and editing the account settings. Some notification may still be sent to users for benefit of better information exchange. A user may also be sent notifications regarding new added features on the website, ‘terms of use’ or ‘privacy policy’ changes or any other notice as deemed necessary.

Your account at BrewaTalk is password protected using sophisticated encryption mechanism. We take utmost care to guard your account against unauthorized use. However, as you would understand, despite our deepest concern and measures, its protection as per the Privacy Policy terms cannot be guaranteed against nefarious activities. BrewaTalk may not be held responsible for any leak of information, in case of a breach of security.

You can contact us at contact us at brewatalk.com if you have any question or comment regarding the Privacy Policy.

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