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  Terms Of Use  

Last Updated: Aug 1st , 2009.

By using BrewaTalk, you agree to follow the Terms of Use as listed herein. Please note that BrewaTalk is operated by Dayal Softwares Pvt.Ltd; all references to ‘Brew-a-Talk’, ‘BrewaTalk’, ‘website’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to www.brewatalk.com and includes Dayal Softwares Pvt.Ltd.

Basic Usage Policy:
BrewaTalk encourages healthy discussions amongst its members. For this purpose, when a user starts a new talk, the same is sent to his/ her friends, party to that talk. An email is also sent to the receivers for the purpose of notification; the settings for this however, can be changed from a user’s account. When a user replies to an existing talk, again, the reply is visible to all the users, party to that talk, and an email notification, by default settings, is also sent to them.
To facilitate healthy usage of the site and to serve the purpose it is meant for, we prohibit the following actions:
1. Use of any obscene, threatening, infringing or other unlawful material.
2. Sending virus, worms, trojans or any other malicious code.
3. Hacking into other user’s account or trying to disrupt the service provided by this website in any way.
4. Indulge in illegal or illicit conduct, incompliant with the local laws of online use.
5. Send unsolicited material of any sort to other users (‘spam’).
6. Post copyrighted material of other users on the website.
7. Create another service or website similar to BrewaTalk or resembling it in any way.

Besides the above prohibited conduct, you should agree to follow the following practices:
8. You should respect the rights of other users and agree to interact in a civil and unobtrusive manner.
9. You agree to the Privacy Policy of BrewaTalk.

Copyright Issues: BrewaTalk respects the material posted by its users.
10. BrewaTalk does not claim any copyright over the material posted by its users. We respect the intellectual property of our users and seek to protect the same from exploitation on our site in every way. If you think that your copyrighted material is being distributed on the site in violation of your copyright, you may contact our designated agent on contact us at brewatalk.com, along with the following details:
            10.1. Description of the copyright work that is being violated.
            10.2. Identification of the location of copyright material on the website in sufficient detail, so that it can be located.
            10.3. Electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner or agent authorized to act on his/ her behalf.
            10.4. Your contact details, including name, address, phone number and email.
            10.5. An undertaking that you have good reason to believe that the use of this material violates the copyright of its owner and is not authorized.
            10.6. A statement that this notification from you is correct and you have the authority to act on behalf of the copyright owner
Other General Terms:
1. You are responsible for the actions under your account, and for the security of your password.
2. We reserve the right to refuse the service offered by BrewaTalk to anyone.
3. We reserve the right to modify or even shut the service BrewaTalk for any reason.
4. We cannot be held responsible for any activity occurring under a user account.
5. We reserve the right to reclaim accounts on behalf of businesses or individuals who have a legal claim on that username.
6. We reserve the right to remove unlawful material or accounts not in compliance with the terms of use of BrewaTalk.
7. BrewaTalk may alter these Terms Of Use as and when required, with or without notice to the users.

You can contact us at contact us at brewatalk.com for any query or clarification.

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